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Why Should I Buy A Wine Refrigerator? 4 Key Advantages To Consider

By Kali Rynearson October 11, 2021 0 comments

Wine Enthusiast Wine Refrigerator

From curling up in bed on a Friday night or celebrating a big promotion, a glass of wine is rarely unwelcome.

But while taking out a bottle from your main refrigerator might suffice for a casual wine drinker, that may not be the case for those who truly love wine.

If you represent the latter demographic, how can you appreciate all of the aromas that a bottle has to offer? How can you ensure that your gorgeous, aged bottle of wine stays in tip-top shape?

By understanding the benefits of using a wine refrigerator, you'll have all your answers.

So keep reading to learn more. We'll cover four key advantages of owning a wine refrigerator, just in time for your next night in!

1. Dedicated Wine Storage

If you're a lover of good wine, then it's probably a hassle to try and accommodate all your favorite bottles in the fridge. This is especially true if you love a good homecooked meal to accompany a glass! And sometimes, the idea of your own wine cellar is very appealing.

But not everyone can afford to carve out space for a wine cellar. Or even the budget to buy that many great bottles to fill one up. One of the key advantages of a wine refrigerator allows you the middle ground of avoiding storing your bottles in your main fridge and providing dedicated wine storage.

This way, you won't be fishing the back of your fridge for that Friday night wine. When you're tipsy and have less-than-ideal motor skills, you also don't want to risk breaking a bottle. Not only that, but you don't want to jostle and damage the other items in your fridge because of your wines' presence.

You'll even be able to separate your wines in the most optimal way possible. First, you can separate red and white wines. Then you can categorize them based on types of wine, whether you'd like to put Pinot Grigios or Rieslings at the forefront.

Separate them by year too while you're at it! This way, you won't open up the ultra-expensive bottle you were saving for a special occasion. You'll have much more control over your wine picks at all times, even during moments when your control is hazy.

2. Keep Wine Fresh for Company

Scent is a huge part of drinking wine. It can help you appreciate its subtle floral, oaky, or buttery notes. But foreign scents from your regular fridge can creep into your bottle's cork, which is very porous and easily absorbs moisture and smells.

An adjacent bottle of dijon mustard or leftover spaghetti can muddy an otherwise stellar wine-drinking experience. Moisture from these items will also make this corruption more permanent.

If you've got an expensive bottle of wine, you want your guests to savor every sip and scent. And ill-maintained wine is unsuitable for company. Attempts to impress your guests will be at least slightly thwarted by smells from sauces and refrigerated foods.

You don't want to ruin a bottle that you've been saving for a special occasion just because you stored a condiment within the same appliance. Though your guests might be too polite to say so, they might be less than tempted to take more than one sip, even if they were initially looking forward to doing so.

3. Optimal Wine Temperature

Fridge temperatures are not optimal for your wine. Sure, no one likes a warm glass of wine. But wine that's too cold might only impart the drink's alcoholic and bitter flavors.

Optimal fridge temperatures are 40° Fahrenheit. But red wine should be stored between 60 to 68° Fahrenheit while white wine should be stored at a range of 44-55° Fahrenheit (depending on how much body the white wine has). Wine refrigerators with dual-zone features allow wines to be stored at different temperatures within the same appliance, always guaranteeing an optimal wine-drinking experience.

Constant temperature fluctuations within a single refrigerator are also unideal. So even if you've got a sparse fridge with some bean dip and sandwiches, don't switch the temperature when all that's left is your wine. Temperature fluctuations can damage the contents of your wine bottles and disrupt the aging process of the actual wine.

All this is to say that your wine will also keep fresh for much longer. If you like aging your wines, you can't only rely on the passage of time to ensure your bottles' freshness. You have to maintain optimal storage conditions for optimal quality.

4. Environmental Friendliness

The eco-friendly benefits of a wine refrigerator might surprise you. But in fact, the cooling process of wine in a wine refrigerator is much different than the one a conventional refrigerator uses.

Instead of the typical evaporation process, many wine refrigerators use a thermoelectric medium. A metal rod is used to transfer heat to the outside environment, which will in turn offer cooler temperatures for the refrigerator's interior. This process does not use any dangerous chemicals nor does it produce dangerous emissions.

So don't think that a mini fridge is an answer to all your wine storage problems. Not only does it not have all the benefits listed above, but it's unlikely to be as environmentally friendly as a wine refrigerator.

Give Your Wine Collection the Best Chance — Get a Wine Refrigerator

If you were wondering how to store wine the best way possible, then your answer lies in a great wine refrigerator. Not only will it modernize your home, but it will also ensure that your curated wine collection gets the best treatment possible.

At GreatKeg, we understand the importance of maintaining the quality of your drinks. That's why we offer a diverse selection of drink storage appliances for people that care about doing so. So if you're itching for a wine refrigerator, check out our catalog of wine refrigerators!

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