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The NewAir 24” Built-in 177 Can Black Stainless Steel Beverage Fridge is the ultimate entertainer's fridge. With room for a whopping 177 standard cans of beer or soda, you'll never run out of drinks for the whole party. This model can stand alone or slide into your cabinets for a streamlined look. Digital temperature controls and adjustable shelves allow you to create customized storage for all your favorite beverages. There’s even a lock and key to keep your adult drinks from falling into the wrong hands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The perfect cooler. It works great, was shipped and handled properly and arrived quickly. It has a large capacity and wide temperature range so you can easily store beer properly, which most people don't know about with beers that are far better then the mass market brands which can just go in in your fridge since they have no taste to ruin and need to be ice cold to cover their poor quality. The cooler comes with multiple racks so you can adjust them for whatever configuration your favorite brews come in. Dealing directly with NewAir is also the only way to go. They have the best price and stock to get the item you want in a timely manner. I spent a lot of time trying to locate one at the large home stores and their prices and ability to fill the order were not acceptable. I also purchased a dual zone wine cooler and I'm very satisfied with that also.


This fridge is excellent! The packaging provided lots of support for shipment. Make sure to follow instructions and leave the fridge unplugged and upright in place for a couple hours before you turn it on. I just left mine alone for a day to settle the coolant.
There are many configurations you can pick from! All of the shelves move around and are very sturdy and well built. I’ve found that at maximum you can have 2-3 shelves with upright cans. To get the maximum storage space, all cans must be on their side.
We wanted it to be a little nicer visually so we opted for 2 rows of upright cans. The top of the fridge has the light bulb and the top back of the fridge is curved, so it’s not possible to fill it completely on the top.
We’ve had no problems so far with noise or cold. When the unit is running it is no louder than a fish tank bubbler (best way I can describe the sound it makes). When it’s open it’s a little louder but it obviously should be kept closed.
Once it reaches temp the fridge is virtually silent from a couple feet away. It’s no louder than my full sized fridge.
The temperature gauge ranges from 0-7, 7 being the coldest. I have it set to around 5/6 and it seems to be plenty cold for me! Not sure the exact temp but all my drinks are cold.
I only wish all of the slats you can put the shelves into were evenly spaced. There are a couple that limit your options for how you can space out the shelves. I’ve attached photos of a couple of different configurations. All of these are missing a shelf or two, but I don’t want my cans laying down


Waited a few months to write this review. I've had the fridge for 4 months now and was wavering between 3 and 4 stars. Decided to give it 4 stars ultimate mainly due to the price and what you get.

Initial frustrations were mainly due to the marketing of the product and my expectations once received.

- The fridge will chill down to 37 degrees, but only for the bottom half, and it temp will move back up over 40 after 30 min or so
- Fridge does not hold 120 cans and also function correctly. To make the fridge work well you need to keep at least an inch of space away from the back of the fridge.
- The fridge takes a while to cool the beverages down. Don't expect the cooling process to be as fast as a normal fridge in the kitchen. It's just not the same amount of power as a $2000 fridge.

Ultimately I figured out the best ways to use the fridge for my needs. Do not over pack, put stuff you want cooler at the bottom. Let the drinks sit in the fridge for a few days etc. and as I look back, It's a pretty decent fridge for under $300. It is a quality looking product too. My final thoughts...

- Average temperature in the middle of the fridge at highest setting (7) is 40 - 42 degrees. Bottom of the fridge will be 37 - 40, and upper area is around 42 - 45 degrees
- Probably fits closer to 80 cans vs.120
- I have had no mechanical problems thus far.
- It takes a while for the fridge to cool back down if you open the door for an extended period of time (over 30 seconds).