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Get ready to party with the NewAir AWB-400DB Dual Zone Wine And Beverage Fridge. This handy beverage cooler has two cooling zones so you can keep both wine and beer at the perfect temperature for serving. Easy-slide wine racks and the innovative SplitShelf™ configuration help maximize storage space so your well never runs dry while you're entertaining. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sammy J

To begin with, we’ve owned a few of those small, compact refrigerators one would typically find in a dorm room or behind a bar. They work, but are often loud, keep things cold-ish, and are not the prettiest thing in your home. So, when we considered getting a NewAir refrigerator, we didn’t expect it to be amazing. Boy, were we shocked! It is simply incredible! I can’t say enough good things about it, so here goes…

First off, this fridge makes no noise. You would swear it’s not even on. In fact, I had to leave it on for a bit when I first plugged it in, and then felt the shelves to know it was working. Amazing!

Cold? Frigid cold… We love the dual zone and not being a wine snob, I like my wine nice and cold. I was wondering how cold 40 degrees was as the lowest temp on the wine side, but after I got out my digital thermometer, it was colder than our kitchen fridge. Not to mention, the can side gets significantly colder. Again, much colder than our kitchen fridge. It’s great!

Now, style… We were interested in this fridge to match our black and stainless steel look in our kitchen and this fridge nailed it! It literally looks as if it was made custom for our kitchen. Elegant, to say the least. We’re not the kind of family that buys top-notch items, but I am more than happy with our new fridge. With hindsight, I wouldn’t get any thing else.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would even need the locks on the doors, but with our toddler, we have to keep it locked. LOL It’s just his size. He loves nothing more than opening the doors and taking out all the cans.

The blue light is cool too. I love lighting effects and the blue makes it even more stylish.

All in all, we can’t give a higher rating for this refrigerator. We simply love it!


I was in the market for a dual zone fridge because I’m more of a beer/seltzer drinker vs a wine drinker, and I knew they had two different ideal temps. It was extremely difficult to find any dual zone fridges south of $2,000, which was a bummer to me because I had my heart set on getting one at that point. Luckily, I found a Newair model that hit all the criteria I had and checked all the boxes. It had great reviews, so I figured I’d give it a try. After a few weeks of using the fridge, I can honestly say that i am so glad I took the leap and purchased it.

I chose the 24” built-in model (AWB-400DB) and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Beer/soda/seltzers can be stored at cooler temperatures (I set it for 37 degrees) with the lower sliding wine rack set at 55 degrees. And the unit is perfect in size, too. You are able to fit 70 cans of standard beer/soda on top and 20 full-sized bottles of wine on the bottom.

Aesthetically, it adds so much interest to the house and is definitely a conversation-starter. Its stainless steel exterior is so sleek and the adjustable interior LEDs bathe your drinks in a cool blue light. The front-venting compressor system allows you to slide this beverage refrigerator in under any standard-height counter for a custom, built-in look for your bar area. I will say that the fridge is designed well enough for standalone applications too, in case you wanted to add one to your office or mancave. It also as a lock + key, which comes in handy especially if you have kids in the house.

Overall, I love how seamlessly this wine fridge fits under my countertops and how it completes the entire bar area. I highly recommend looking into Newair products if you’re in the market for any wine fridge or beverage cooler — you won’t be disappointed.