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This entertainment-ready fridge has two cooling zones, separated by stylish French doors, so you can keep both wine and carbonated drinks at the perfect serving temperatures. It’s complete with premium finishes: seamless stainless-steel door frame, craftsman beech wood wine shelves, and an attractive blue LED light. Build it into your cabinetry for a sophisticated, custom look—or, use it anywhere as a freestanding model. This fridge is the complete package for anyone who wants to store a variety of wine, beverages, and food to perfection.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

So far so good! I just plugged in and set the temperatures. This is just what I wanted a dual zone beverage and wine refrigerator. Im turning a storage closet into a wine room. Cant wait to have it set up. Almost as important, it didnt show up dented. FedEx delivered without a mark. I had my first frig ordered from another store and it had two dents in the front. Packing and delivery was great this time.


The wine cooler is so beautiful, functional and a quality built. The shelves are adjustable and removable if needed. It is the right size in my dining room and my wines are maintained at an ideal temperature all the time. The ambient light inside the cooler is improving the looks of the product. Love it! Strongly recommend this product. Thank you NewAir for making this well designed product.


This fridge has plenty of great features. First, even if you don't use it as a built-in, it looks great. The blue light -- which you can leave on continuously or set to come on when you open the door -- also looks very nice. I love the flexibility in being able to adjust the shelves on the beverage side to acommodate taller cans or bottles. On the wine side, the bottom level is made to accommodate two chamnpagne bottles and if you want to chill more than just two of those, you can remove one of the wooden shelves to fit the fatter bottles. The digital controls are right in the front and at the top, making it easy to adjust the temp. This is a great size for parties as well as evreyday use and the lock makes it easy to keep curious teens out of your beer and wine.

When we plugged it in, it cooled down very quickly and chilled the cans we loaded in pretty quickly too.

The only "assembly" is attaching the door handles, which was easy. We ran into a hitch when one of the holes in a handle was mis-drilled and wouldn't accept the screw, but New Air's customer service was very helpful and quick;y arranged to have a new one sent out.

We're really happy with the fridge and will be using it all the time.


I never knew I could fall in love with a fridge, but I did! I have this one set up in the man cave, but I am the lady of the house getting more use from it. So let me say, I was shocked at how lovely this machine was in person. It looks good built in or out. The steel is top notch, the wood shelving is sturdy and well-made, the temperature dials are simple to use and it looks lovely in the dark or light with the bright blue LED lighting. This fridge remains cool, helps to save time and space, makes it simple to have a place for drink items and is quite secure (comes with keys and locks). I also noticed there is not uneven chilling, random frozen items or leaks. The safe design adds to a luxury feel, look and overall experience. If you are thinking about getting this, don't anymore. This should be your new "friend"


To begin with, we’ve owned a few of those small, compact refrigerators one would typically find in a dorm room or behind a bar. They work, but are often loud, keep things cold-ish, and are not the prettiest thing in your home. So, when we considered getting a NewAir refrigerator, we didn’t expect it to be amazing. Boy, were we shocked! It is simply incredible! I can’t say enough good things about it, so here goes…

First off, this fridge makes no noise. You would swear it’s not even on. In fact, I had to leave it on for a bit when I first plugged it in, and then felt the shelves to know it was working. Amazing!

Cold? Frigid cold… We love the dual zone and not being a wine snob, I like my wine nice and cold. I was wondering how cold 40 degrees was as the lowest temp on the wine side, but after I got out my digital thermometer, it was colder than our kitchen fridge. Not to mention, the can side gets significantly colder. Again, much colder than our kitchen fridge. It’s great!

Now, style… We were interested in this fridge to match our black and stainless steel look in our kitchen and this fridge nailed it! It literally looks as if it was made custom for our kitchen. Elegant, to say the least. We’re not the kind of family that buys top-notch items, but I am more than happy with our new fridge. With hindsight, I wouldn’t get any thing else.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would even need the locks on the doors, but with our toddler, we have to keep it locked. LOL It’s just his size. He loves nothing more than opening the doors and taking out all the cans.

The blue light is cool too. I love lighting effects and the blue makes it even more stylish.

All in all, we can’t give a higher rating for this refrigerator. We simply love it!