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There are many party foul moments in a day. Whether it’s running last-minute errands or watching your favorite baseball team strike out on the last inning. The Froster works hard to make sure moments like these are met with the frosty first sip of your favorite beverage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Super excited to have this fridge. Needed a solution badly for my ever growing beer stash. This puts a smile on my wife’s face as I have moved out on our main fridge. Fridge is the perfect size for a beer fridge as it’s not too big so you can tuck it away in many spaces in your house but it also fits 125 cans! Love the sleek black design with the glass door to show off my beer. Party and turbo mode will definitely come in handy to keep my beers cold! Definitely recommend this fridge to all.


We were in the market for a small fridge for our three season room and this fridge from New Air is perfect for it! It has a sleek look, is easy to use and holds A LOT of beer. The glass door is heated and frost free so that you can see what’s inside without opening the door. There is also a party mode which keeps the compressor on for six hours so that you don't lose cold air when everyone is opening and closing the door.
Our favorite feature is the turbo mode which cools the beer off FAST (no more placing beer in the freezer to cool it off fast)!
If you are looking for a small fridge to keep beverages super cold and looks great this is it.


This beer fridge is top of the line! After already owning one new air fridge I wanted a special upgrade and this is everything I could ever ask for. I love the turbo feature when we need to get new 4 packs cold fast and the party mode is super convenient for when the fridge is being opened and closed multiple times when having a tasting or people over! The best feature by far is the LOCK! Having a toddler running around and pressing buttons and trying to open everything is a hassle and this prevents any of that from happening! The fridge is GORGEOUS and i am so happy we went with this one!


I received this to try out for a review and I have to say I was very impressed. The quality and look are outstanding, love the sleek design and ability to hold so many items. There’s more room in the fridge for food now that our drinks have a new place. We hosted some family recently and turbo and party mode came through for us flawlessly. It does make a little bit of noise as it powers up to maintain the temperature set but I’ve already stopped noticing it. Our power bill also hasn’t changed since getting it which is something I was originally worried about. Overall, it’s an amazing beer froster, my husband and all his friends are obsessed with it, it looks really nice in my home and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something reliable!i forgot to mention we have had it for about a month now


This is a top notch fridge, albeit a pricey one, but well worth it given the quality and features. I was fortunate enough to catch it on sale and was offering it at a price lower than anyone. Arrived in a few days. After stocking it with my favorite bottles of beer, champagne, and coca-colas I set it to 23 degrees and sat back while it went to work. The beers come out ice cold, can not be more pleased with that. Some non-alcohol drinks will freeze if they stay too long at that temp. If I can point to anything negative it is that when the compressor runs it is not so loud that you can not hear anything over it but you do notice it and it can be annoying if it is the only thing in the room on but I guess that is to be expected with any refrigerator. I keep the fridge temp set at 38 degrees now to cut down on how often and how long the compressor runs and just use the turbo setting or lower the temperature in advance if I want anything colder. Keeping it set to that temp also prevents the non-alcohol drinks from freezing. I have the Beer Froster setup right next to my Kegerator (as you can tell by now I am a huge beer fan) and everyone who comes over comments on how nice this Beer Froster fridge is. It stands out and looks like the very high quality piece of equipment that it is.

If you are thinking of getting this item you will not be disappointed.