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Make clear ice for cocktails at home with this countertop ice maker.

  • It'll make 30 to 40 pounds of ice per day, and you'll be able to enjoy perfectly clear ice cubes — ice that melts slower and tastes better than ice from the freezer.
  • The convenient control panel lets you choose between three different cube sizes plus a manual shut off if you need to pause the cycle or already have enough ice.
  • This NewAir Ice Maker includes an insulated cooler compartment that will keep your ice cubes cold until they're ready for use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I am an ice eater. I know that sounds funny, but I love ice in everything cold I drink. Sometimes I just love to chew ice. And so having a personal ice maker is amazing! And now, especially since it is getting hotter out, and my child will want cold drinks this summer, it is perfect! I am in Heaven!


I'm an ice snob. My fridge makes cloudy half-moon shaped ice that I despise, but replacing the fridge isn't in the budget anytime soon. I'd been buying bagged ice instead, but when the pandemic hit, it occurred to me that I was in danger of being quarantined in my house with nothing but those despised half-moon ice. Enter NewAir. This is really a gem of a machine... if you use distilled water, you'll end up with crystal clear cubes that are the perfect size for drinks. (Spring water works ok too, but the cubes won't have the same clarity.) The cubes come out a little wet, so it's best to empty the machine tray into a freezer tray and let them freeze up firmly before using. They'll freeze together a little, but they break apart pretty easily if you thump them with the bottom of a glass or something like that. I'm really pleased with my purchase and very happy that if I can control nothing else during this pandemic, at least I have great ice.


We are so happy with our new icemaker. It was so simple to use. I couldn’t believe that the ice was made within 15 minutes. It was so simple to use just open the tank add some water and let it work its magic. Love that it’s a stainless steel and it looks good with my other appliances. I am very happy with it.


We got this a couple weeks ago after our fridge ice machine stopped working and we love it! It makes the ice so quick and keeps drinks cold. Great for parties! Great customer service and shipping!

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