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The NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice Maker is perfectly sized for home kitchens, offices, or anywhere else that you need ice.
  • With all-in-one convenience, it creates up to 50 pounds of clear ice a day and is able to produce 3 different sizes.
  • Its compact design takes up very little space on your countertop, and it features a removable ice bucket and a water reservoir with an easy-pour spout for simple dispensing.
  • With its self-cleaning function, this ice maker makes it easy to keep your machine in tiptop condition so you always get delicious, pure ice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I bought this ice maker almost a year ago. I was upgrading from the smaller unit made by another company that was difficult to clean. This unit performs beautifully dropping larger ice every 6-7 minutes. It has an easy clean cycle that you use with vinegar. I have also found customer support to be very helpful. I do very STRONGLY recommend that you use gallon jugs of filtered or distilled water with any ice maker. A huge difference in keeping it clean versus tap water. Also get yourself a nice Ice scoop!


This Ice Maker works like a charm. Drops ice first batch in under 10 minutes and continues to produce about every 6 minutes after. The timer feature works great too. My one complaint is the same as many others which is the plastic cover over the control panel arrived falling off as there is no adhesive one half of it to stick to the panel. Disappointing for sure, but not enough to send unit back since it works so well. Be prepared to try to glue it on, but be careful not to get glue near the buttons underneath the cover in the process. Buy this one. You won't be disappointed with its performance. Quality Control should be catching the minor sticker issue but for some reason they obviously aren't.

Rey P

This product is awesome. 50 pounds of ice is no problem. I tested it out on 4th of July and worked beautifully. Looking forward to using it more and would like to see the company do a 100 pounds ice maker in the future. You now have a customer for life. If you don’t have one get It, I highly recommend it. You won’t be sorry


I absolutely love this ice machine!! The size of the ice cubes, the time it takes to make the ice cubes, the convenience and Sleek look and feel of it!!